June, 2014

Touching Donkeys at the OAAOM

Saturday, June 28th, 2014

 Over 100 acupuncturists gathered in Portland for the 2014 OAAOM (Oregon Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) Conference, June 1. By the end of the day, four dedicated ZBers got their hands on a lot of those donkeys!  (In ZB lingo the "donkey" is shorthand for the person's essential being, everything below the level of ego consciousness, which we reach through touch.) 

IMG_0298Nearly a third of conference goers left with a new experience of Zero Balancing, thanks to mini-sessions offered by Anita Wood, Lee West, Danni Verona and Liz Zenger. During a long day of lectures and seminars, the free bodywork sessions were a popular option for acupuncturists looking to give their minds a break and get out of their heads.

Many participants expressed an interest in ZB classes and local events. As an added teaser and to help support the OAAOM, Liz donated a full tuition voucher for a ZB I class as an auction item for the OAAOM fund-raiser. It was a positive collaboration for all, expanding the community and creating new connections with the OAAOM.

Bridges to Wholeness: ZB and those Affected by Cancer

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

BTW - Efrat  "Where does Zero Balancing belong in the working with people affected by cancer?"  asked Efrat Livny on the first day of Bridges to Wholeness, a 3-day workshop on ZB for those affected by cancer.  "We exist in the middle, the bridge between the chaotic, uncontrolled, disorganized energy that is cancer and the medical treatment of it.  In the middle is the mystery and the alchemy.  People need the caring touch of someone who is there not to save them, but to meet them."

"People need the caring touch of someone who is there not to save them, but to meet them."

Bridges to Wholeness is an advanced ZB training offering experienced ZB practitioners the skills, knowledge and insights necessary to develop consciousness and confidence in working with cancer patients.  Efrat Livny, creator and teacher of Bridges to Wholeness, is a certified ZB teacher and massage therapist with a passion for working with those affected by cancer.  

Bridges to Wholeness was offered in Portland in October 2014.  As one of a circle of ten practitioners moving together through the training, I found it to be not only rich in practical, clinical knowledge but also a personal, transformative experience.  By its nature, cancer pulls us down into the subterreanean darkness of the soul and challenges our most deeply-held fears of survival.  Bridges to Wholeness is an excellent training not only for those who work with cancer patients, but for anyone working with the darker dimensions of illness and wellness.

Visiting Faculty: Efrat Livney

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014


efratOpen Circle Healing Arts

Madison, WI



Born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel, where her roots continue to run deep, Efrat grows boughs, blossoms and seeds in Madison, Wisconsin. She studied and practiced diverse forms of massage therapy for a decade after leaving a 20 year corporate and academic career in biotechnology information. A broken collar bone that abruptly ended a lovely bike ride in the country brought her to her first ZB class. It was love at first hour and a restart that led her to certification and to teaching ZB. 

With Zero Balancing as her foundation, her practice, Open Circle Healing Arts, weaves together supportive and creative resources that empower her clients to find health, healing and a vibrant life. She also worked for many years in an integrative medicine center and an HMO.

In addition to offering Zero Balancing, she specializes in working as a healing guide supporting people with a cancer diagnosis and other significant health and life challenges. She listens, companions, and collaborates with her clients as they grapple, explore, learn new skills and make choices. Her work is based on the profound knowledge she gained on her own healing path, that in the face of life's challenges, every individual has an innate capacity that can be rallied and tapped into for the healing of body, mind and soul. 

Efrat is also an artist. Her mixed media creations are inspired by age-old traditions and utilize natural and recycled objects. They serve to promote deep listening, self-discovery and self-empowerment. Materials and objects gathered in her daily walks and in her world travels, bring together cultures, traditions and vibrations in a unique alchemy and aesthetic.

Curiosity, contemplation, embodiment, enchantment and, of course, FUN, are the guiding posts of her life in its second and very vital half. 

Efrat teaches ZBI, ZBII, Introduction to Zero Balancing, and Review Days.